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Erasmus+ Project

Erasmus+ project for 2ST international

Ålesund (12.11.17)

On Sunday morning we went to Ålesund and Atlanterhavsparken. We started off the trip by walking up the approximately 450 steps to Fjellstua. There we got a fine view of the beautiful city of Ålesund. Not so long after we left for Atlanterhavsparken. There we got to see the magnificent diversity of the maritime wildlife existing in Norway; experiencing penguins, seals and a variant of species from the North Atlantic.

Group projects (13.11.17 – 14.11.17)

The binding of two different cultures rarely makes for an easy workplace environment. Having overcome the cultural barriers in our way, we have been able to cooperate and present the complications and disputes surrounding the immigration politics of modern-day society. Having researched topics like refugee rights, school integration and types of immigrants.


Erasmus 1
Erasmus 2

Authors: Mathias Myren-Smørholm, Even Johan Krakeli, Juan Jose Torres Morcillo, Maria Collado Rodriguez